Effective Engineer


  • These tips are based on my personal experiences
  • Experiences I heard from brilliant engineers
  • I could be wrong sometimes. YMMV.
  • Most of the slides content you might know/do already. Its just a reminder!

Who is an Effective Engineer ?

One who......

Knows how to install & configure any general purpose softwares.

  • OSes. Like Linux etc... Most of the times
  • Editors. Like Vim, Emacs, SublimeText.
  • IDEs. Like Eclipse, PyCharm, Intellij-Idea
  • Languages. Like Python 2.6.x, 2.7.x, 3.3.x etc...


Does not get glued into one thing.

Like..... Never!

When issues come from various points.

  • Editors not working!
  • Builds not working!
  • Version Control System not working!.
    • "Why Git doesn't do this!"
  • OS not allowing to use the software you like
    • "Webex wont run on Linux!"
    • "Screen sharing on Webex wont work on Linux!"
  • Worst case! App code not working!

But what do I do then ?


Never escape from the problem!


Never Give Up!



No! Seriously what do I do ?

Ask "why" obsessively.

Think a lot

Only for certain time. Max 15 mins on one problem.

Reads/Consumes a lot (from web)

Preferably stuff which improves your work style

Practice a lot

Do something different all the time

  • Practice vanilla programming ? Hop over to Project Euler
  • Practice Competitve programming ? Hop over to TopCoder
  • I want to build apps! Hop over to freelance postings, startup ideas!

Practice, Practice, More Practice

Have constant interest for

Side/Pet Projects

More on Side Projects

  • Do everything for a valid need.
  • Trying because "something is cool" is also a valid need ;-)
  • Works great, if pet projects are diverse in nature. Get out of the comfort zone.
  • Keep short goals. Always.
  • Keep it open. For iteration, feedback.
  • Share/Present it for sure. To any audience.

But practicing may be boring!


Be lazy!


Automate Anything, Everything

Be a Fan of something

  • Vim ninja ? Great
  • AngularJS Rockstar ? Awesome!
  • Fan of Rahul ? Get out of here.
  • Fan of Modi ? Still...Get out of here.
  • Fan of Test Driven Development. :blushing:
  • Fan of Code Reviews ? :more-blushing:
  • Fan of Apple ? Give me a break!

Why being a Fan helps ?

in becoming an Effective Engineer

Thats where your true self comes into play


Anything you like it more, you want it desparately.

Anything you want it desparately, you will try to master that.

In this journey, unknowingly you will become an

Effective Engineer!


But we are not done yet! Take your seats.

Now that you attended this session...

What it takes to give a Techtalk ?

  • An interesting idea
  • Few slides! With fun here and there
  • Good tool to present.
  • Patient Audience. Who wont hit you with a brick!
  • Thats all it takes!

So who is giving the next TechTalk ?

>>> Thank You!